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Friends and family members, forgive us if this list is not accurate. We have no way or individual charged with confirming reported deaths of our classmates. It's all word of mouth, and if by chance someone caught the obituary, or most likely lost a dear and cherished friend. Please let us know if we have missed someone, or if...Dear Lord, in the words of Mark Twain, "the report of one's demise has been greatly exaggerated!"

This list:

As of 2/15/2022

Curt Absher

Jill V Akard

Paul Arzet

David G Atkinson

Ann Austin Dolick

Gary Barnette

Shirley Bates Biberstein

Bill Brink

Clay Burnett

Sharon Cohen Johnson

David Combs

Douglas Crichlow

Elizabeth Curley

Tom Davidson

Joanna Davis

Bank Dawson

Claudia Foster

David Fitch

Greg C Goens

Susan Grosvenor Haisley

Jane Ann Harton Bustle

Richard Havens

David Hobson

Mark Hogan

Bill Holliday

Herman W. Kothe III

Daryl Lingenfelser

Sheryll Ann Maddox Carey

David S Maxwell

Donald McCune

Fred Morris

Amy Papaila

Richard Payne

Charles E. Pennington

Mike Raymond

Connie Schulz

David Schwartz

Jim Sexson

Ross Simmons

William Stanfill

Kathie Stewart Smith

Carol Staples McFall

James E Tilford

John R Voigt

Shari Vrell Keeler

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