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Dear 1967 Rockets,


Your Reunion Committee has worked diligently to get things started but now we need your help!  Please review this list of three things which you can do to make our 50th Reunion more successful.


  1. Please help us contact classmates we haven’t found.

  2. Please respond and tell us which events you will be attending and pay for those events now so we can cover any costs.

  3. Please dig through your old pictures and send us photographs from grade school graduation, parties or dances, the Frisch’s Big Boy parking lot or whatever you think others might enjoy.



To date we have contact information for more than 100 members of our class.  When we sent out the most recent email asking which events you would like to attend we only heard from one third of you. Please take a moment to read the WHERE R U? page of this website.  Many of you will know where these individuals are and how to contact them. Please contact them and encourage them to attend their Reunion.  Your call could determine whether or not they attend. Then share that contact information with Jan so we can insure that they receive this information.




On the RSVP page you will see that you can print out a response form letting us know which events you (and your guest) would like to attend. Some events require a PREPAID RESERVATION. Please note this and send your check and form to our Treasurer: 


Steve Manning 

1105 E. 58th St.,

Indianapolis, IN 46220. 



David Hobson has volunteered to compile and publish any pictures, anecdotes or other materials you would be willing to share with him.  You can email to or mail it to 4008 Salmon Harbor Road, Unionville, IN 47468.




Eight classmates have given Steve Manning $300 each which has provided the deposits and necessary costs so far.  If anyone else would like to send any amount to Steve to cover future costs for Hobson’s printing and mailing costs or other incidentals, it would be greatly appreciated.




Thank you for your willingness to help make this a successful reunion!  We have heard from a few people that they didn’t enjoy high school or they hated the cliques or they had  bad memories and so they are not likely to attend. 


After 50 years everything is different.  You should know the committee that is working on the reunion is not a group that ever really socialized or hung out together at BRHS.  But we have all commented how unimportant that is now and how we enjoy getting together now.


Maybe the past 50 years since graduation have been better or worse than those 4 years but it certainly provides a broader perspective!  We look forward to seeing you on September 22nd and 23rd!


  Paul Mannweiler

    BRHS, Class of '67

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